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By John S. Wood (Chairman) Commitee on Un-American Activities

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Chairman, New Haven section-Sidney S . Taylor . District of Wisconsin, 617 North Second Street, Milwaukee, Wis . (State of Wisconsin) Chairman-Fred Blair. Secretary-E. Eisenscher. State committee-Sigmund Eisenscher . Chairman, Milwaukee section-G . Eisenscher. Chairman, sixth ward-Joe Ellis . Secretary, Milwaukee section-Clarence Blair (alias Clark) . Organizer, Milwaukee-James Phillips . 31 District of Colorado, 929 Seventeenth Street, Denver, Colo. (States included : Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming) Chairman-William Dietrich .

61 . What is their method? The Communist Party of the United States assigns members to join churches and church organizations, in order to take control where possible, and in any case to influence thought and action toward Communist ends . It forms "front organizations," designed to attract "fellow travelers" with religious interests. It tries to get prominent religious leaders to support Communist policies, disguised as welfare work for minorities or oppressed groups . In the words of Earl Browder, former head of the Communist Party of the U .

82. Do Communist propagandists ever actually get before church groups as speakers? Yes . For example, the head of the Communist Party, on one occasion at least, spoke at Union Theological Seminary in New York City. Only a few months ago, the Legislative Secretary of the Communist Party addressed a conference of zoo ministers in Washington, D. C . 83 . What about church youth groups? Young Communists are ordered to join them . 84. Why? For two reasons : To win over youth to Communism and atheism, and to turn their groups into tools of the Communist Party .

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