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By Gregorio Del Olmo Lete, G Del Olmo Lete, J Sanmartmn, Gregorio Delolmo Lete, Joaquin Sanmartin, W G E Watson, Wilfred Watson

Because the mid-twentieth century Ugaritic reports has witnessed a massive elevate of edited texts. clearly, yet scattered in different guides, while large advances were made in epigraphy, grammatical research and lexicography. the present dictionary is an up to date and significantly augmented English version – ready by means of W.G.E. Watson – of G. Del Olmo Lete and J. Sanmart?n, Diccionario de los angeles lengua ugaritica. It systematically brings jointly all insights won to date, and gives solutions to varied latest lexical difficulties by means of utilising new ideas of lexicographical research, and even as drawing from conclusions reached in different branches of Semitic philology. The paintings is an entire stock of phrases (morphemes) and meanings, affixes and correct names of Ugarit as studied thus far. With isolexemes, complete bibliographical references and translations in context. a real, glossy and integral key to figuring out Ugarit.

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Akk. bītabi). 6:2. Cf. abbl(y), abdg, abd/šr, abġl, ablh, a/ibm, abmlk, abmn, a/ibn, abrm, abrpu, abršn, abršp, absn, abšhr, aby, a/iby, abyt, abyy, ahtab, ayab, ib (HI), ibyn, ilabn, ilib (I), ilib (II), îttrab, bnib, hyabn, mlkbn, rmib, ršpab, tnabn. ab (II) n. m. "ghost, spirit (of dead)" (etym u n c ; cf. Hb. āb/ HALOT 20, Arab. Pāba, Lane 123f: 'to return, come back (at night)', and Hitt a-a-pi, HW 181ff: 'Opfergrube'. For the diff. opinions cf. Margalit UF 7 1975 309 n. 29; UF 8 1976 149f; UF 16 1984 159 n.

De Langhe ETL 16 1939 307f; Albright BASOR 89 1943 14; Buccellati Cities 127; Fisher JSS 8 1963 35f; Astour UF 5 1973 33f, 39; Caquot Sznycer TOu 1 492f; Ribichini MLE 1 1982 51f; De Moor ARTU 196; De Moor - Spronk UF 14 1982 165; Margalit UR 158 n. 113; Pardee TPM 215). ¶ Forms: udm, du. udmm. 15 1 7 . Cf. udmy. u d m ï t , cf. dm?. 351:2. u d m y GN m. (< udm, TN; see Van Soldt UF 28 1996 657). ¶ Forms: pi. udmym. 337:15. Cf. ). ) denom. of udn 'ear'; Hb. , HALOT 27; Akk. wazzunu, AHw 1494; Bordreuil - Pardee RSOu 14 p.

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