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By Norman L. Geisler

The ebook is split up into 4 significant parts,

Part one: proposal of the Bible

Part : Canonization of the Bible

Part 3: Transmission of the Bible

Part 4: Translation of the Bible

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The same twofold division is carried on in the period between the Old and New Testaments (2 Macc. 11). 5 THE LAW The first and most important section of the Old Testament is the Torah, or law of Moses. The claim for inspiration in this section of the Bible is very distinct, as has already been seen from the previous examination of the individual books of the Law.  15.  14and 15. The claim in the Law for inspiration The books of Exodus (32:16), Leviticus (1:1), Numbers (1:1), and Deuteronomy (31:26) all make an explicit claim to inspiration.

For instance, probably nowhere is the central idea of a biblical passage to teach explicitly about angels or demons. They are virtually always brought in incidentally. Yet everything the Bible says about them incidentally is still absolutely true. For the incidental teachings of Scripture are no less true than the essential teachings. Whatever the Bible declares is true, whether it be a major point or a minor point. The Bible is God’s Word, and God cannot err in any point. All the parts are as true as the whole that they comprise.

2:2). There can be little doubt, then, that the prophets did write, and what they wrote was the Word of God just as much as what they spoke was the Word of God. That being the case, it remains only to discover whether the Old Testament was the work of the prophets in order to establish it, in its entirety, as the Word of God. Besides the fact that the New Testament repeatedly refers to all of the Old Testament as Law and Prophets (cf. Luke 16:31; 24:27), there are several lines of evidence within the Old Testament that all of the books were written by prophets (whether recognized as such by their office or only by their spiritual gift).

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