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By Richard F. Newcomb

A Pictorial historical past of the Vietnam warfare.

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Actually, the United States (from its viewpoint) made out quite well at Geneva, though the American delegation exhibited dejection. The French and Pham Van Dong pressed for a simple and immediate turnover of sovereignty, from France to Ho's Viet Minh. France still had a vast industrial stake in Vietnam, with thousands of French businessmen there. It looked as though Ho Chi Minh might not disturb that pattern (for his own reasons) for years to come. The Russians and the Chinese sign the final document.

Elections were never held and the partition ended only after years of bloody warfare and the expulsion of all Americans from Vietnam reunification of in 1975. What place for 24 — Geneva was time time, it hoped, to save a some brand of American democracy in an Asian sea of communism. the United States did gain at 2 The Eisenhower Years 1954-60 agreements made The geneva though was not in Asia, weak nations, a fundamental change in the balance of power They created two small, each supported by strong world powers: North Vietnam, backed by clearly seen at the time.

It was now clear that for that part of the world a full general would be reporting to a full regularized. admiral in Hawaii, CINCPAC (Commander Secretary of Defense in the Pentagon, Kennedy in the Saigon, the little White House. S. ambassador, but it in really mattered (except for an occasional ruffling of feathers) since the ambassador spoke directly to Secretary of State Rusk, who met nearly every day with McNamara and Kennedy. There was never any doubt that Kennedy outranked them all. Operation Ranch Hand, the defoliation program in Vietnam, finally began January 10, 1962, on a very low key and only after full discussion at the highest levels in Washington and Saigon, including both Kennedy and Diem.

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