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It will, of course, be quite clear to the reader that by uniting the notions of cause and effect in one moment, the completeness becomes not a stage within the cyclic transformation of power, as were the earlier concepts discussed in this section, but an additional stage which l i d s one such process with the next in the hierarchical order. Completeness is thus the key to the whole mechanism of spiritual devolution. The concept of completeness is also closely related to another notion which has tended to drop into the background during our most recent discussions, for we have been speaking of the procession and reversion of power in relation to its source, yet originally Proclus seemed to understand the mechanism of causation in terms of a triad.

Beierwaltes 1965, p. 97. This passage paraphrases Proclus' remark (Th. PI. 135) 4 68

Th. 6-16) : 4 p h ykp [sc. hxp6n]q], f v ~ n w ~ k q&xoutsa v GGvapv, ~ i ~ c % a va34v nal &VO; z%av ~ ~ V W ~ ptvouoa E V , icp' iau6jjjS. d~~ ~ Q E TGV L & 6k T E ~ E U T ~ ~ W&vaV nhouau TAG bvkjl-&LC, rial X&SL xo~v~vfav kv~~Oe'iaa nal G ~ V ~ E O Lnpbq V hkqha. rLiv rchr)pouybov, & m ~ E)~G p TLX ~ V T ~ O&/q V G v p ~ o 6 ~ 1 )( TmU V V ~ U ~ V T W V . 6; b o m p h a y , E~~cnptcpoum ndrh~vCIS zi)v &p& xai T&G~po~h806oas ixavdcyovaa S u v & p ~6, p o d q ~ anai (TSVVEUBN fi 6hn T&L x a p t ~ ~ ~ a ~ .

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