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By Richard K.N. Ryu MD, Richard L Angelo MD, Jeffrey Abrams MD

Co-published with the Arthroscopy organization of North the United States, The Shoulder: AANA complicated Arthroscopic Surgical Techniques is a finished technique-based e-book that offers the newest diagnostic and reconstructive suggestions in arthroscopic surgical procedure for the shoulder.
The Shoulder: AANA complex Arthroscopic Surgical Techniques is authored by way of most appropriate arthroscopic surgeons Drs. Richard K.N. Ryu, Richard L. Angelo, and Jeffrey S. Abrams, and their overseas checklist of professional members. This entire source contains most popular actual exam checking out and diagnostic imaging offerings in pre-operative making plans and sufferer choice, cutting-edge step by step description of the systems, certain surgical gear lists to accomplish every one approach, transparent and exact symptoms for surgical procedure and the considerate cause at the back of acknowledged contraindications, debatable symptoms, post-operative protocols, and power complications.
The written textual content is supported by way of various colour photos and an internet site with beneficial, narrated videos depicting disease-specific arthroscopic recommendations particular to the shoulder.
Features within The Shoulder: AANA complex Arthroscopic Surgical Techniques

  • Narrated video accompanies all surgical options, concentrating on the stepwise method of every one operation
  • Consistent association through the e-book ends up in a bulleted and easy interface for a fast reference or lengthy study
  • Top five Technical Pearls for every method to augment results and to prevent universal pitfalls and complications
  • High-quality art and figures to enrich medical images
  • Equipment and surgical process checklists for speedy reference ahead of surgery
Each specialist contributor was once selected for their services for a particular subject on the topic of The Shoulder, so the reader advantages via the very best quality and therapy techniques to supply cutting-edge care to his or her patient.
Some bankruptcy subject matters include:
-Arthroscopic Latarjet Stabilization
-Arthroscopic A-cromioclavicular Joint Reconstruction
-Arthroscopic Subscapularis fix: The Extra-Articular Technique
-Arthroscopic Suprascapular Nerve Release
-Arthroscopic Suprapectoral Biceps Tenodesis

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Idiopathic adhesive capsulitis is a condition of uncertain cause characterized by limited active and passive shoulder motion. Primary adhesive capsulitis develops insidiously, following minimal or no trauma, with a gradual loss of function caused by pain and restriction of motion. Adhesive capsulitis may also occur secondary to intrinsic shoulder pathology, such as subacromial impingement syndrome, extrinsic disorders such as pulmonary disease, or systemic conditions such as diabetes. Despite these associations, the underlying cause and pathophysiology of this disorder remain unknown.

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Scapulothoracic Dyskinesia Scapulothoracic dyskinesia is abnormal scapular motion characterized by medial border prominence or inferior angle prominence, early scapular elevation or shrugging, rapid downward rotation during lowering, or a combination of these. , acromion III, os acromiale, posterior capsule tightening) is often seen as the trigger element, without considering the shoulder as part of a kinetic chain. Our research, based on a number of studies, leads us to consider more comprehensively the causative pathogenetic mechanisms of this joint’s pathologies.

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