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They have been ladies of conviction and braveness, whose tales encourage the trustworthy to at the present time. Now, Signet launches ladies of the Bible, a compelling new sequence for fanatics of historic fiction and romance. this is often the tale of Abigail... To settle her brother's playing debt, Abigail of Carmel convinces her boorish lord to marry her. Then exiled by means of him to the lifetime of a shepherdess, she grows to like David, the warrior son of Jesse, who will come face-to-face along with her husband in a mindless war-and damage her hopes of peace.

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If you do not pay this debt, he shall be held responsible. ’’ Such a thing would break my father’s failing spirit. No, my heart informed me. It shall kill him. Long before the deprivations of life as a slave would. ‘‘It is a stupid law,’’ Rivai flared, slamming his fist into the table. He winced and shook it. ‘‘It matters not what the law says. I am a grown man. ’’ My brother nursed his hand, his expression sulky. ’’ Too upset to remain still, I rose from the table. ’’ ‘‘He has the biggest herds of sheep and goats in Judah, and much property in Maon.

That was why I had needed Amri to accompany me, to keep my presence respectable and mannerly. Here, however, manners seemed to have gone the way of the trees and animals. We were ushered in without ceremony and brought directly to a banquet room. The servant did not escort us in or announce our presence, and disappeared as soon as we passed over the threshold. I feared such an ungainly entrance might offend the master of the house, until I saw his surroundings. It was clear that manners had not been of import here recently.

His eyes shifted to the horizon. ’’ I reached up and squeezed my brother’s shoulder. ‘‘Go now. ’’ Rivai caught me in a tight embrace before he trudged away. I had tried to sound brave, but I did not feel it. Indeed, I had to fight the urge to call him back. ‘‘I shall see that he keeps that vow,’’ Amri told me as he took the smallest pack from his cart. ‘‘Come inside, child. ’’ I followed Amri into his dwelling, which despite the rainwater damage to one wall, was larger and better built than my parents’ house.

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