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By Dr. Peter S. Ruckman

This learn used to be written to reveal the main refined, artful piece of deception perpetrated opposed to the physique of Christ because the ebook of the recent American common model. If the reader will open the approved model (any version revealed at any time by way of a person) and thoroughly cost all of the references given during this book, he'll detect the startling, grisly fact that the so-called “New” King James model is just the readings of the Revised usual model of the Liberal nationwide Council of church buildings smuggled into the textual content of the approved model of the Holy Bible. Dr. Ruckman exposes the determined strategies of the apostate Conservatives and Evangelicals who obtained jointly to pawn off this pretend King James model on an unsuspecting Christian public.

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NKJV). Since all men engaged in perverting the truth of God are highly susceptible to their depravity,we would expect Romans 1 to land on the perverter with tremendous force. It does. -NKJV). Here Falwell and his friends are again promoting the readings of the National Council of Communist Churches as they translated it in the RSV. " The ASV naturally agrees with the liberals and modernists in the NCCC. avoiding the profane and vain babblings and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge--NKJV) to match the Communist Bible of the NCCC and the apostate NASV of Bob Jones University.

Look at what the Holy Spirit said about "understanding" someone's speech in the Bible (John 8:43). " They still couldn't get it. "UPDATING" had no effect on what they heard no matter who said it or when it was said. Imagine someone actually believing apostates like Hindson, Dobson and Farstad about "updating" after being told by the Holy Spirit that understanding the Scriptures was dependent upon JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF (Luke 24:45) opening a man's understanding. But these Laodicean egotists go much further than this!

A Critique of the New “King James” Bible In this article we shall use the letters JFV for the "Jerry Falwell Version" (since he has been the "kingpin" so to speak in the promotion of this newest Athenian gimmick) and alongside it we shall put what ALL EDITIONS OF THE KING JAMES VERSION SAY FROM 1611 to 1982 and compare them with the JFV which professes to be one in a series of "editions" of that text. ) of restoring the bankrupt ASV of 1901 which Christian scholars tried to pawn off on the public for fifteen years.

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