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28 3 To detonate mines, an Assault Breacher Vehicle shoots out a rocket XTREME FACT with a long string of C4 explosives. The M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle clears paths for troops and other vehicles through enemy minefields. It uses a heavy plow or line explosives to detonate mines. S. Marine Corps in Afghanistan. 29 AMMUNITION The bullets and shells used in weapons. ARMOR A strong, protective covering made to protect military vehicles. ARSENAL A collection of guns usually owned by a military group or country.

DIESEL FUEL A thick petroleum product that is used in diesel engines, such as those found in heavy tanks or trucks. GRENADE A bomb with a delayed explosion thrown by hand or shot from a rifle or launcher. KEROSENE A fuel oil used in tanks and jet engines. It is also used for heat and light in some homes. 30 KEVLAR A light and very strong man-made fiber. It is used to make helmets, vests, and other protective gear for military and law enforcement personnel. M60 PATTON TANK A steel-armored main battle tank first introduced in 1960.

The United States entered the war on the side of South Vietnam. 31 A M Abrams, Creighton Williams Jr. S. S.

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