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By Jean Luc Pallas

The target of this booklet with its specific step by step color photos and diagrams, is to permit each proprietor to mend their diesel engine comfortably. Troubleshooting tables support diagnose strength difficulties, and there's suggestion on average upkeep and winterising and repair.

Jean-Luc Pallas's enthusiasm for passing on his wisdom, in addition to his transparent motives, specified recommendation and step by step directions make this a distinct publication.

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These can be controlled automatically by electronic modules that take the ambient air and engine temperatures into consideration. Injection pump governor 1 Injection pump 2 Cam ring lifter 3 Guide screw 4 Control rod 5 Control rod guide screw 6 Flyweights, regulate the fuel delivery rate 7 Control arm 8 Maximum revs screw 9 Maximum flow screw 10 Control rod end connection Injector Located on the cylinder head, it either enters directly into the combustion chamber (direct injection) or into a pre-combustion chamber (indirect injection).

Several terms describe and characterise the propeller. The diameter is generally indicated in inches or in centimetres on the propeller hub. For example, in the inscription 13–7, the first numerals indicate the diameter and the second, the pitch. The propeller pitch is the theoretical distance the propeller will travel through the water with one full turn excluding slippage. Theoretically, a 7 inch pitch means that the propeller moves forward 7 inches at each full turn. In fact, the travel per propeller turn is less due to slippage.

Theoretically, a 7 inch pitch means that the propeller moves forward 7 inches at each full turn. In fact, the travel per propeller turn is less due to slippage. Different propeller types Twin-blade propeller Very common on sailboats under 10 metres, it is the best compromise for good performance under power and minimal drag under sail. Three-blade propeller The most efficient for sailboats over 10 metres. The choice of propeller area is a function of boat type, displacement, and desired speed. Four-blade propeller Quiet and vibration free, this propeller type is always recommended when a large blade area is required.

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