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Price and Quantity Index Numbers: Models for Measuring Aggregate Change and Difference

Expense and volume indices are vital, much-used measuring tools, and it truly is accordingly essential to have a very good figuring out in their homes. This ebook is the 1st finished textual content on index quantity thought considering Irving Fisher's 1922 The Making of Index Numbers. The e-book covers intertemporal and interspatial comparisons; ratio- and difference-type measures; discrete and non-stop time environments; and higher- and lower-level indices.

Economic Logic Fourth Edition

“Eureka! Skousen has performed the most unlikely. scholars like it! i'm going to by no means use one other textbook back. ”—Harry Veryser, college of Detroit-MercyThey stated it couldn’t be performed. Austrian economics is so various, they acknowledged, that it couldn’t be built-in into normal “neo-classical” textbooks. for this reason, students study not anything concerning the nice Austrian economists (Mises, Hayek, Schumpeter).

Britain in Decline: Economic Policy, Political Strategy and the British State

An exam of the character and motives of British decline and the political concepts that search to opposite it. during this considerably revised version the writer indicates how the discontents of the final 20 years are regarding the striking successes of the earlier. Britain's earlier glories have been outfitted at the dual foundations of its place because the world's greatest empire and its top advertisement and commercial strength, establishing the realm industry to the loose circulate of products and funding.

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X' ~ x and x' =1= x). Thus, (x,y) is input efficient if x belongs to the efficient subset of L(y) which is defined by Eff L(y) = {x : x E L(y), x' ~ x =} x' f/. L(y)}, y ~ OM. 1) Thus, if x E Eff L(y) then any reduction in one or more of the inputs will render y an infeasible output vector. Distance Functions 29 A slightly weaker notion is input-isoquant efficiency. A feasible production plan, (x,y), is input-isoquant efficient if AX ¢ L(y) for all A < 1. 20)) IsoqL(y) = {x: x E L(y),A < 1 =?

For all x,x' in R~, if ~ A ~ 1 then P(x) n P(x') ~ P(AX + (1 - A)X'). 8 is equivalent to convexity of L(y), let x" = Ax + (1- A)X'. Then L(y) is convex ~ x,x' E L(y) implies x" E L(y) ~ Y E P(x), y E P(x') implies y E P(x") ~ Y E P(x) n P(x') implies y E P(x") ~ P(x) n P(x') ~ P(x"). g P(x) is convex for all x in R~. 4) the efficiency score for any observation, k', k' = 1, ... xk' E L(yk')} K LZkYkm ~ Yk'm, m = 1, ... Xk'n, n = 1, ... ,N, k=l Zk ~ 0, k= 1, ... , K}. 8. Normally, if the same output can be produced with proportionally less input then, alternatively, proportionally more output could be produced with the same input.

Condition (iii) requires that a positive amount of each input is used by at least one activity. Condition (iv) says that every activity must use a positive amount of at least one input. Using the techniques of activity analysis, various technologies can be constructed from the K observed, feasible activities. For example, suppose we want to specify a technology T that exhibits constant returns to scale globally. Then (xk,yk) E T, by feasibility, and (Zkxk, zkyk) E T, for all Zk ~ 0, by constant returns to scale.

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